Integration with Live Bookmarks

Brief stores your subribed feeds as Live Bookmarks. You can arrange them in folders.

Sidebar showing list of feeds

List of feeds is displayed in a sidebar. You can click on a single feed or on a whole folder to view it.

View of feed's content

Feeds are displayed on a seamless page. Unread items are highlighted and there are buttons on each item to mark it as read or delete it.

Headlines-only view

Headlines view gives you a more compact display. You can also choose to view only the unread items, or the bookmarked ones.


Use the search box to quickly find a piece of news. All articles are stored kept permanently so you have a record of everything you've read.

Bookmarking and tagging

You can bookmark and tag interesting articles with a single click.

Updating feeds

Brief checks feeds for updates in the background and notifies you about new items.

Options window

You can select how often to check for updates and how long to keep the downloaded items. You may even have separate settings for each feed, if you need.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make it browse the pile of news faster.